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    -For just mutual confirmation, as mentioned at the top of this page, we will advise the total amount which you have to pay for your order via e-mail immediately after you place it in order to avoid possible mis-calculation.

    1a. Concerning Transportation Charges

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    All the ARTICLES on this suite do NOT include Transportation Charge. So please remind that you will have to bear and pay it for an order one by one as the table shown below. If you place two orders or more at one time, and their destination (addresses) to deliver is the same, it will be OK to think it as one order in one package and bear it as one order. If you place two or more orders at one time, but their destinations (addresses) to deliver are different each other, you will have to bear and pay the transportation charge for each order one by one.


    1b. How to place your order

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    You can go to the page where there are a relative shopping basket for your area by clicking the part, where you want to send the ordered goods, on the map above. There you can place an order and grand total amount including transporation charge (EMS postal) calculated automatically by our shopping system.

    Area No.Area DetailColor in MapEMS Postal Rate
    No.1: Area of East Asia etc Gray Color US$10.00
    No.2A: Area of East or West South Asia Beige Color US$16.36
    No.2B: Area of N. America, Oceania, Middle East, Latin America, EuropeBeige Color US$18.18
    No.3: Area of Africa, South America Violet Color US$20.00
    *We started "half amount deduction of transportation until year 2003 program" from Sep 1, 2000 in order to reduce transportation expenditure of customers and make easy to buy ours. when the total amount of order exceed US$65.00. Please view "Sale & Auction Page" for more detail!


    2.Concerning Tax, Duty or Discount

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    For overseas buyers, all the ARTICLES on this suite do NOT include any Tax and Duty which will be imposed at destination country. Please also note that there will no discounts from the prices on this internet shopping suite.

    3.How to Place an Order in General

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    You can choose one method from either "via Internet" or "via FAX" through shopping basket. The shopping basket of your destination area where you want to send should appear by clicking on the illustrated maps on each page. Please do not click on the wrong area. If you click it wrongly, the shopping basket of different area will apprear. Please go back to the previous page and click again on the correct area.

    • If you choose the method "via Internet", please click "ORDER" button on the Order Form Page as it is. After selecting commodities and filling in the necessary terms & things and send it with your sign. Our site is adopting SSL encrypt technic. So please feel ease to fill in and send your CREDIT CARD NUMBER, VALIDITY AND NAME OF OWNER through internet. Make sure "Locked Key" is apprearing when you click "ORDER" buttun.

    • If you choose the method "via FAX", please print out the order form and send it by FAX whose number is written below, after selecting commodities and filling in the necessary terms & things such as your CREDIT CARD NUMBER, VALIDITY AND NAME OF OWNER and send it with your sign. FAX number To: S. Kotera International Ltd.

      "Field Gears Spirits FAX Ordering"

      ---- FAX number:81-256-64-2165

    4.About "How to Pay"

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The Method of Payment is limited to advance payment by TT remittance through a bank to our account written below or "By CREDIT CARD" at present or "Paypal". Other method is now under construction. So please select TT Remittance or The Credit Card at each ordering page by Internet or by FAX.

If you select Advance Payment by TT Remittance, please remit to our account either Daishi bank.

The Daishi Bank, Ltd. Tsubame Branch (Branch No. 351) Ordinary Deposit and Saving No.1158940

The owner of the Accounts in the above banks :
Name: S. Kotera International Ltd.
Address: 22-26, 3 Chome, Akiba Cho, Taubame City,
Niigata Prefecture, Japan.
Zip Code: 959-1261
TEL: 81-256-62-3482
FAX: 81-256-64-2165

For Credit Card Settlement. Please select the Credit Card Company you want to use from

VISA Card , Million Card, Master Card, Dinners Card and NICOS Card.

For Paypal Settlement. Please pay through Paypal whose URL ""


5. Delivery of Ordered Goods

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The ordered goods will be delivered within one week after confirmation payment has been done, unless otherwise our stock run out or on the way to prepare for delivery. In this case we will contact you via E-MAIL in order to have you known about it.

6. About Returning Goods

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We have been paying severe attention to our products ordered about their quality. But if any accident or damage occur during their transportation. You can return the goods you ordered to us within 10 days after the invoice date, if you do not use them at all and do not unpack it in individual box. Please note all the transportation charges and any other charges imposed on to returning procedure should belong to you. We will refund or replace as soon as the goods reach us.

If you decided to return the goods before un-packing the package and do not use them at all, please return them. Please also note all the transportation charges and any other charges imposed on to returning procedure should belong to you, too. We will refund as soon as the goods reach us.

Please note that our products may be changed in their design due to improvement without any notification in advance.

7. Caution before using

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-TITANIUM|OUTDOOR gears have following merits "light", "tough", "non metal smell", "keeping food and drink inside as it is". On the contrary, there are de-merit as "food and drink inside tend to burn when in use" because their material thickness is very thin for lightness and heat on burner also tend concentrate into the part where is heated. Please drop the burning off with vinegar and sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) or other ordinary removals.

Please be careful with burning.

8. Design related

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-TITANIUM|OUTDOOR gears may be changed in their design without any announcement. Please be noted it kindly.

9.All Private Information Submitted
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All the private information submitted through Request brochure Form, Askingform, Questionare, Ordering Form, etc are strictly transmitted from internet web server CPU to our local CPU deleting the data in the internet web server. So no body except our staff are able to access the data. Please be at ease.

For further information on this page, please contact with

"Field Gear Spirits"
S. Kotera International Ltd.
Tel: 81-256-62-3482
Shop Manager: Shinji Kotera"

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