Company Policy and History

We are located in Tsubame City in Japan where is famous for Stainless Steel Cutlery and hollow wares in all over the world. We are small company, but have been doing importing and exporting business for more than fifteen years since company establishment (nearly 20 years as private firm).

For importing business, we have been importing and the products which are used in kitchen in Hotel s & Restaurants and gift products from manufacturers abroad. And sell them to domestic market, mainly big distributors in Japan.

For exporting business, we have been exporting Stainless steel scrapers, compass & dividers, aluminum levels and so on to European market. Under the circumstance of the above, we started to design, develop and directly export Titanium Outdoor Products ,which were produced by the subcontracting manufacturer of us in the middle of last year-1998. We really specialized in Titanium Products of Outdoor Use.

And also here started to supply Titanium Outdoor Products by Mail Ordering System through internet. With this method we believe we can supply our High-end Quality of Titanium Outdoor Products as quickly as possible at the lowest possible price directly to the end users who have once given up to buy due to their high prices. So Titanium Outdoor Products will be popular goods in the near future.

Please note that our products may be changed in their design due to improvement without any notification in advance.

We have been always trying to improve Homepage appearance for easy to use, method of Settlement, quality of products to get the best. We hope you all to use our INTERNET MAIL ORDER SYSTEM for Your Comfortable Life Stile and Healthy.

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