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Field Gear Spirits
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“チャット ルーム”
"FireFox gives you good view. You may not get good view through INT'L-EXPLORER."
フィールド ギアー スピリッツ の商標です。
Swiss Italia Sierra Sight
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Outdoor gears book 06-07 (Yamakei)
Our Lid & plate for sierra cup and rockey cup is introduced in the P023.
Outdoor Fan
Our lid & plate and rockey cup and "How to cook" were introduced
MONO magazine special issue 25th Vol.12-2
Mr. Jun Hobo introduced our SCL130 Lid Plate and Rocky Cup in his outdoor gears' book. P166 and P167
Art P166
Art P167
Introduce Products:WB28 Pure Titanium Extra Light Multi Bowl 28cm (3.75liter)
       Comments about products
Multi bowl can be contained in your back pack or day bag, so it is portable and useful. On top of that if you put
your outdoor gears into your multi bowl you can save the space or the volume in your bag.
The bowl is mainly to be used as a washing tab. When emergency, it should be used as a pan or a pot effectively.
The bowl is for household use as a washing bowl.
BE-PAL August volume "Rice cooking with Rocky cup"
Art P15
Art P16
Art P17
’Volume No.09/08 featuring Rice cooking with Rocky Cup
which is our product in Japan's outdoor magazine. P15, P16 & P17 show potos
Field Life’08 Spring Volume
Morybdenum cloth sewed with stainless steel thread.Metal cloth dusterwas introduced.
You can use both an alchol stove and solid fuel in this wind shield with wire pedestal (FH480WSH and WSH130) in a strong wind kepping burning without extinction.
The wind shield can contain each part in it all so that the space in your back pack is saved a lot.
Cooking Sceen
Cooking sceen1/3
Cooking sceen2/3
Cooking sceen3/3

Our products was dealt by CAO France
Our products was dealt by CAO France. CW001 Cookware, MG300 Double wall mug and Cuttlery Set. Please read the featured page which shows by clich the photos
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